4/9/16: Hounds Town Radio Show will be asking the following questions and discussing the answers:

  • Have you ever wondered why dogs bite? Have you noticed that your dog's behavior changes with the seasons? Today we'll be discussing dog behavior, how to prevent bad behavior, and what do if your dog bites. How do you manage a dog that has bitten someone or another dog?
  • We'll also focus on crate training and why it's so crucial. Dogs don't understand the concept of punishment, so if you're using a crate for that now, tune in to hear how to use a crate properly. Important stuff heading into the busy spring and summer season!
  • We'll also give everyone an update on Hounds Town Charities' dog Cappuccino (he's STILL up for adoption) and the adorable pups from Puerto Rico we discussed on last week's show.

If you'd like to be a guest or sponsor a show, contact, 631.873.9486.
Don't forget to tune in!